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What started as a Flower Boutique in Civil Lines (Heart of Allahabad) and a vision to launch a Theme Café, today, has become the definition of Allahabad’s delectable taste for Coffee. Since its inception in 2014, Bean Here has been working tirelessly not just to quench the thirst of coffee lovers but also to provide a variety of delicious and lip-smacking food options. A mixture of creativity and determination is what it took to turn Bean Here into a success story.  Ankit Deora, founder of Bean Here has nurtured the brand with his passion and vision. An idea of developing a Coffee Brand with a unique café experience came in the year 2014, turning Coffee from a dry page in history to a lifestyle drink!

Bean Here is known for its Themed Café Concept with huge offering of Delicious Cuisines. From Aromatic Cappuccino to tempting Shakes and Food along with Flower Boutique (Florista) and Personalized Gifts /Souvenirs, its lively ambience is the most loved place for youth and families for the entire day.

Bean Here has been awarded the BEST THEMED CAFE and the BEST STAND-ALONE CAFE at the INDIA INTERNATIONAL COFFEE festival

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